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The Growth and Change of Communication in the World

Technology plays an important role in our livelihoods. Internet is big but people are unaware of where the content there comes from. These experts are conversant in a specific area or niche and then write something about it for people to learn about it too. Content by these experts is made possible by writing their name below the article. Internet has revolutionized the world. Even before internet was born, telecommunication was still there. The main method of transmitting information was using mirrors and fumes. The only complicated mode of communication was through face to face. This was usable only if people are not far from each other. Semaphores came up but they were only just loud and allowed the use of visual signals. In olden times only the army would communicate using these devices. It took the communication experts long before another method of relaying information was invented. The first telegraphic kind of communication was done manually and for this reason it was not suitable for use to communicate to the masses. With the growth in time, better telegraph technology was developed. The invention of electricity brought with it good tidings, these experts were able to create electromagnetic telegraphs that were much more convenient and easy to use and suitable for mass production too. More creative ideas came in after this. Telegraphs, for many, it was a bearer of bad news since it was used by the military. However, although this was a groundbreaking achievement in the communication sector, the spread of his was difficult since telegraphs were only used to relay short messages, besides two-way communication would also be very slow.

The lifespan of telegraphs was a bit short lived since experts came up with something better, the telephones. With the invention of telephones, true connectivity was visible and long distance communication was made easier. Initially, it was unusual but people came to get the hang of it. The growth of the phones has been tremendous such that almost everyone has a phone in their pockets. Radio allowed people to get news and get entertained at the comfort of their homes. With radio, you didn’t need to know how to read and write to understand it and these experts knew that. There are various benefits of internet, for instance information authored by experts can be accessed anytime. Different formatting of information is possible and the internet can transmit that. Today, the internet is quite fast and the proliferation of mobile phones has also been great, anyone can access information just at the click of a button. The creativity around phones is still ongoing, for instance internet calls that are commonly used in offices.